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**Squamish Joins Speculation & Vacancy Tax: What Homeowners Need to Know**


Squamish, the picturesque community nestled between the stunning coastal mountains and the Pacific Ocean, has recently found itself on the list of communities required to declare the Speculation and Vacancy Tax. This move is part of a broader initiative to address housing affordability and availability in British Columbia. If you're a homeowner in Squamish, here's what you need to know about this recent development.

**Understanding the Speculation & Vacancy Tax:**

The Speculation and Vacancy Tax is a provincial initiative aimed at targeting properties owned by individuals who may not be contributing to the local housing market, either by leaving properties vacant or engaging in speculative behavior. The tax is designed to encourage homeowners to utilize their properties for housing purposes, ultimately addressing the ongoing challenges related to housing availability and affordability.

**Expansion to Squamish:**

Squamish is among the 13 new communities that have been included in the expanded list for the Speculation and Vacancy Tax. This inclusion reflects the broader efforts to address housing issues not only in major urban centers but also in communities like Squamish, where demand for housing has been steadily increasing.

**Declaration Process:**

Homeowners in Squamish should be aware that a declaration letter has been mailed out, and an online declaration must be made in the first quarter of 2024. It's crucial for property owners to complete this declaration to ensure compliance with the tax regulations. Failure to declare may result in being levied the speculation tax on your property.

**Implications for Homeowners:**

Understanding the implications of the Speculation and Vacancy Tax is essential for Squamish homeowners. The tax aims to promote an active housing market by discouraging property speculation and encouraging the efficient use of housing resources. Homeowners who reside in their properties or rent them out should not be significantly affected, as the tax primarily targets vacant or underutilized properties.

**Navigating the Online Declaration:**

To facilitate a smooth declaration process, homeowners can access the online platform provided by the provincial government. This platform is user-friendly and guides homeowners through the necessary steps to complete the declaration accurately. It's advisable to familiarize yourself with the requirements and gather any relevant information before starting the online declaration.


As Squamish joins the list of communities impacted by the Speculation and Vacancy Tax, homeowners have a responsibility to understand and comply with the new regulations. The initiative is part of a broader strategy to address housing challenges and create a more vibrant and accessible housing market. By staying informed and participating in the declaration process, Squamish homeowners can contribute to the success of this provincial effort while ensuring their properties remain valuable assets within the community.